Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not very friendly.

Rep. Carter just "unfriended" me on Facebook, presumably because my views differ from his and his other "friends."

I have been commenting on Rep. Carter's FB page for a while now, and I've always tried to be civil and rational -- though admittedly a few heated exchanges have erupted between me and some of his supporters. And while most of my comments have been somewhat critical of Carter, I have also tried to acknowledge when he's done or said something worthy of praise. What has always struck me as odd, though, is how quickly and often Carter's supporters have called for Carter to "unfriend" me, whenever I expressed a contrary opinion -- with the implication always being that my views would be more welcome elsewhere (and are not welcome on Carter's FB page).

Granted, Carter can be "friends" with whomever he chooses. But this is his regular "profile" page -- it is not a "supporter" page, where one is invited to "become a supporter." I would've thought that a public figure -- a government representative of TX-31 -- would want to hear the views of his constituents, even if they differed from his own. Perhaps especially if they differed from his own.

So much for "public service." It seems Rep. Carter is not interested in intelligent public discourse with constituents who might disagree. Rather, he's more interested in surrounding himself with supporters -- to whom he can feed complaints about, and criticism of, the Obama administration, while offering very little by way of positive or productive ideas or alternatives.

Is that what we want from our Representative?

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  1. I just became his friend on Facebook and I've been posting something contrary to almost everything he posts, along with a little something of my own here and there. I'm wondering how long it'll take to defriend me. I've already had some trouble posting as some of my posts have apparently been flagged as "offensive." lol


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